Ravena Grange #1457
Growing in the Community

The O.H Kelly Farm


Due to the generous contributions of many individuals and organizations, the Kelley Farm has received enough financial backing to remain open.  An organization entitled Friends of the Kelley Farm has been established to coordinate private fund raising, and deal with the MN State Legislature on budgetary issues. They also have a number of sale items that are very reasonably priced and can assist greatly with the site operations. Click here to visit their website.

As the facility is not completely out of danger of being closed, the National Grange, along with the Friends of the Kelley Farm are working hard to find permenant solutions to the problem. Grangers nationwide have donated thousands of dollars over the past few years to the operation from individual fund raising events. If you would like to help, consider a membership, details of which are set forth on the above referenced website. All contributions are tax deductable. It is interesting to note that when the cuts were initially made many paid staff chose to remain as volunteers in order keep the facility open.

Visit the Kelley Farm website.

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