Ravena Grange #1457
Growing in the Community

100th Anniversary

On October 13, 2019 a full house of guests gathered to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Ravena Grange. 

The afternoon started with a full course dinner, prepared and served by members of the Trinity Methodist Church
of Coeymans Hollow. 

Following the dinner the celebration moved upstairs to the main hall. The meeting was opened with the singing of the National Anthem followed by the Pledge of Allegience to the Flag. 

Honored guests for the day included National Grange High Priest of Demeter Bruce Croucher and his wife Sharon, and Town of Coeymans Supervisor Phil Crandall. Supervisor Crandall presented the Grange with a citation adopted by the Town Board commemorating the event. Mr. Croucher addressed those assembled concerning the role the fraternal aspects of the Grange played in its history, present, and should play in the future.  Grange President Jeff Ruso read congratulatory citations from the National Grange and the New York State Grange. A resolution honoring the Grange, prepared by our Assemblyman Chris Tague was read.

Musical numbers were presented by Ravena Junior Grange member Rebecca Sands, and by Catherine Collins.

High Priest of Demeter Croucher presented a number of certificates to Ravena members for milestones of continuous membership. They included: Richard Kirmss and Sean Newell - 25 years; Susan Telfer and Nancy Payne - 50 years; Naomi Keir - 65 years; Ismay Payne- 70 years; and Pauline VanEtten - 75 years.

The Grange looks forward to continuing its service to the community in the years to come.

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