Ravena Grange #1457
Growing in the Community

Community Outreach


Our Grange makes available several items to assist those with various needs. These items include:

     Walker/Wheelchair bags These colorful bags are designed to hold personal items for those 
                                  needing both hands to assist with their mobility.  

    "Permie" knit hats These are designed for premature babies to assist with needed warmth.

     Cancer Care Turbans Colorful turbans for those needing this type of garment.

     Tummy Pillows Designed for those having abdominal surgery.

      Mastectomy Gown bags Colorful bags designed to cary gowns needed for radiation treatments.

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Our Grange donated a dictionary to every student entering the third grade at the Pieter B. Coeymans Elementary School since September of 2005.  


Our Grange assists with the Albany County Foster Children's program by supplying bags filled with personal items for children needing relocation.


Our Grange serves as an emergency center for the Town of Coeymans .

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