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Junior Grange Projects

 2020 Junior Grange Craft Projects
All projects will be judged in groups as follows:  Ages 5-8; 9-11; and 12-14

All crafts need to be labeled with Name, address, Junior Grange, County

Note: Each Junior Grange is allowed to send a total of 15 craft projects to States Grange for state-level judging.  You may send one for each age group for all five projects.  Junior dues MUST be currant/up to date.

Alternative Sugar Bakking 

USING your own recipe, make any item such as a muffin, cookie, (doz.) cake (8x8) granola (2 cups) etc., that has NO white, brown, confectioner or artificial sweetner; but uses an alternative or Natural sweetner like honey, applesauce, agave, maple syrup, or molasses. May also use nuts, chips, spices, dried fruit, etc. Use disposable paper plate/container for judging.
JUDGING:     Flavor - 40%     Appearance - 30%     Texture - 30%

Leaf Craft

Use one or more "real" leaves, press or preserve in some/any way (waxing, silicone, shellac, decoupage, etc.) Make a craft picure, animal, collage, etc. May decorate using paint, google eyes, felt etc. Finished size not to exceed 12"x12"x12".
JUDGING:     Creativity - 40%     Workmanship - 30%     Appearance - 30%

Puzzle Craft

Make a craft using pieces of a puzzle (any size or type of puzzle). May be decorated and/or colored in any manner using any medium. Size not to exceed 8" in any direction.
JUDGING:     Creativity -40%    Workmanship - 30%    Appearance - 30%

Thoughtfulness/Greeting Card

Start with a 8"x11" stockk card, (any color) Makke a card of thoughtfulness or greetings for someone. Verse/poem can be original (encouraged) oar standardized. May be decorated in amy manner using any medium. May be flat or folded or dimensional.
JUDGING:    Creativity - 40%     Workmanship - 30%    Appearance -30%

Sensosry Toy or Craft Creation           

Using any material (touch - could be sandpaper, clay, cloth - soft or textured) Stress relieving, smell, or visual (such as a treasure jar, or vivid colors.) Can be used ofr any age to stimulate a sensory perception and be interesting, may be entertaining. May decorate. Size no larger than 8" in any direction. NO GLASS.
JUDGING:     Creativity - 30%     Workmanship - 40%     Appearance - 30%

* OJAY (Older Junior and Youth) Craft Project

Older Junior Grange member (age 10-14) as well as Youth members up to the age of 21 may enter items such as scrapbooks, banners, posters, Agri-Basic report, Legislative craft, digital photography, needle-point, wood sewing etc.  ANYTHING that has been worked on in the past year, and compacted/able to fit in a 12"x12"x12" space for ease of transport.  All entries to be judged at State Grange session.
                                         Judging:     Creativity - 30%     Workmanship - 40%     Appearance - 30%

Rules for this contest can be found by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

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