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Junior Grange Projects

 2016 Junior Grange Craft Projects
All projects will be judged in groups as follows:  Ages 5-8; 9-11; and 12-14

All crafts need to be labeled with Name, address, Junior Grange, County

Note: Each Junior Grange is allowed to send a total of 15 craft projects to States Grange for state-level judging.  You may send one for each age group for all five projects.  Junior dues MUST be currant/up to date.

Coffee Cake

USING your own recipe, make a coffee cake.  May have a crumb topping, but not covered with frosting. NO MIXES PLEASE.  Use any ingredients, may include fruit, nuts, oatmeal, chocolate chips, raisins, etc.  Use a disposable 8x8 or 9x9 pan for judging.  Include recipe.
JUDGING:     Flavor - 40%     Appearance - 30%     Texture - 30%

Boat Craft

Use any material or combination of materials such as paper, foam, cork, wood, plastic, etc.  Make a boat that will float.
Size not to exceed 8"x8"x8" Have fun.  Judges will test floatability
JUDGING:     Creativity - 40%     Workmanship - 30%     Appearance - 30%

Biography Bottle Craft

Celebrating the National Grange 150th Session, create an American/Grange history figurine, pre 1900's.Using a water bottle, no larger than 17 oz. size, dress/decorate in any manner using any medium such as Styrofoam ball, fabric, flowers, ribbon, paper, felt, yarn, hat, hair, etc. On an index card include a brief description of the person including, name, and time period.
JUDGING:     Creativity -40%    Workmanship - 30%    Appearance - 30%

Recycled Greeting Card Craft

Using any amount of recycled or pieces of recycled greeting cards make an item such as a bowl, ornament, box, coaster, etc.  May be decorated with any kind of material, shells, yarn, plastic, beads, lace, etc.  Must be able to see the recycled cards.  The completed size not to exceed 12" x 12" x 12"
JUDGING:    Creativity - 40%     Workmanship - 30%    Appearance -30%

Winter Decoration Craft           

.  Create your own "winter decoration" that may be used during the December 1- February 28 season.  Anything that may be used during the winter of the year. Using any medium such as wood, plastic canvas, cans, plastic bottle, paper, sticks, candle, yarn, silk flowers, fabric, etc., and may be decorated in any manner. Note- NO GLASS PLEASE.  Completed size no larger than 12"x12"x12"
JUDGING:     Creativity - 30%     Workmanship - 40%     Appearance - 30%

* OJAY (Older Junior and Youth) Craft Project

Older Junior Grange member (age 10-14) as well as Youth members up to the age of 18 may enter items such as scrapbooks, banners, posters, Agri-Basic report, Legislative craft, digital photography, needle-point, wood sewing etc.  ANYTHING that has been worked on in the past year, and compacted/able to fit in a 12"x12"x12" space for ease of transport.  All entries to be judged at State Grange session.
                                         Judging:     Creativity - 30%     Workmanship - 40%     Appearance - 30%

                                                         J/G ART & PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST
Rules for this contest can be found by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page.

                                                              NATIONAL GRANGE JUNIOR PROJECTS  

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