Ravena Grange #1457
Growing in the Community


Craft and Handiwork Projects

This area will involve those interested in crafts. 
Entries are open to members and community members.  No professional people may enter any of these contests.

Complete any type of woodworking not to exceed 20"x24".
Judging:  Creativity - 30%;   Workmanship - 40%;  Appearance - 30%.
    a. Subordinate
    b. Junior

Quilting Project
Create a finished quilt project.  You may use any type of thread or material except pre-quilted fabric.  Any quilting method may be used.
A.  Small wall hanging (No larger than 36x36 and not smaller than 18x18) 
      1)  Machine quilted
      2)  Hand quilted
      3)  Junior
B.  Bed size Quilt (2018 only) Baby Quilt (2019 only)
      1)  Machine quilted
      2)  Hand quilted
      3)  Junior
Judging:  Originality - 30%;  Coordinating Colors - 20%;  Stitching - 40%; Overall appearance - 10%.

A.  Afgans - Any size, any pattern; knitted, corcheted, woven
     1) Regular Size
     2) Baby Size
B.  Crocheted Dolies - Knitted, Crocheted, or tatted 
C.  Plastic Canvas 
D.  3-Piece Baby Set
E.  Embroidery
F.  Stuffed Toy

Note:  The projects will be on display at the Lecturer's and FAC Workshop on April 27, 2019.  First Place winners of needlework will be sent to the Eastern States Exposition (Springfield, MA) before September 10, 2019.

Chocolate Jumble Cookie

Instructions & Scoresheet here

Further details and/or questions about any of the above programs can be obtained by clicking here.

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