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Who can join?


YOU CAN! The Grange welcomes people who believe in making our community, state, and nation better places to live, work, grow, learn, and play. If you are 13 years of age or older, you may join a Subordinate (local) Grange!


HOW TO JOIN THE GRANGE It is a simple process to become a member of the Grange family!


   1. Dues for our grange are $28.00 per year.
   2. Submit your completed application with your dues (pro-rated for the year) and the initiation fee of $3.00.
   3. The Grange will inform you about time and location of the initiation ceremony.
   4. Attend the ceremony and you will be a member!




As a fraternal organization, every Grange meeting open with a prayer and the salute to the flag. When new members join the Grange, the local (Subordinate) Grange confers the first four Degrees, which are symbolic of the seasons of the year. The Subordinate Grange elects its own officers and develops its own program. Although Grange business meetings are for Grange members only, educational and informational programs are frequently open to the public. Each member has one vote. The nominal yearly dues support Subordinate, State and National Granges.


The county (Pomona) Grange confers the fifth Degree, the state is the sixth Degree and the National Grange is the seventh Degree. Throughout the Grange, signs, symbols and passwords are used to represent the lessons of life and agriculture.


We encourage you to participate, serve on committees, and attend meetings as often as possible. We value your input, ideas and suggestions!


COMMUNITY BENEFITS -The Grange provides the opportunity - the people provide the leadership - and the community reaps the benefits.-The Grange primarily serves the community through service projects and legislative action.


The Grange's community service tends to be projects directed at the local community. Each Grange determines what projects they wish to participate in and works within their community to realize their dream.


The Grange is a non-partisan organization. As such, we only work on the issues that the membership has set policy on. Grange legislative policy is created at the local Grange and the higher levels debate and adopt their policies from the policies submitted by the local Granges.


Grange takes strong stands on many issues and works through the legislative process at the city, county, state, and national levels to carry out the wishes of the people.










I am at least 13 years old. Occupation_________________________________________


I hereby apply for membership in Ravena Grange #1457, I desire to unite with others in elevating and advancing the interest of community life and family values. I understand the Grange is non-demoninational and non-partisan. I pledge on my honor to and abide by the laws of my State and Nation, and the rules and regulations of the Grange. I will not propose an improper person for membership, nor will I oppose the admission of anyone solely on the grounds of personal prejudice. I will endeavor to be a true and faithful Grange member. Should I violate this agreement, I may be dropped from membership. I understand that a portion of dues may pay for a subscription to the Empire State Granger.


Applicant's Signature_________________________________________________Date_______________


Recommended by_____________________________Application Fee $3.00 Dues $________

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