Ravena Grange #1457
Growing in the Community

Display Information

The Tri-County Fair Society, Inc.

Display and Set up Information

Each Subordinate, Pomona, and Junior Grange in Albany, Greene, and Schenectady Counties are eligible to exhibit.  Each shall be in competition in their respective classes.  The Junior Deputy, Pomona Lecturer, and Pomona Family Activities Committee shall enter a noncompetitive exhibit, rotating through the above counties each year.

The Grange exhibit building will be open Saturday and Sunday (August 8 & 9, 2015) from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. for exhibit installation.  All exhibits must be in place by 6 p.m. on Sunday.

The major part of the materials in each exhibit must be made, grown or assembled by the grange making the exhibit.  (Products must be grown in the three counties.)  This rule is not to prevent the use of commercial equipment, but is to prevent the use of a completely prepared exhibit, which would merely be set up by the exhibitor.  No attempt need be made to cover up names on commercial equipment, products, etc., but the judges may reduce the score on any exhibit that brings in excessive commercial advertising unnecessary to the exhibit.

Each exhibit is to have a single labeled theme.  The theme should be specific, such as "Producing Clean Milk" as opposed to "Dairying."

In order to keep the exhibits looking attractive, replacement of fresh material should be made from time to time during the week. (After completion of judging.)  NOTE:  Free standing signs should have sufficient support to prevent sagging and bending due to temperture/humidity variations throughout the week.

THE PURPOSE of these exhibits is to educate those visiting the Altamont Fair.  The awards will be based on how well that appears to be accomplished.  The following items should guide those who prepare the exhibits:

  1. Exhibit should attract attention of the passerby.  Action helps to do this but should be related to the exhibit.  Live plants or animals may be used.  Audiovisual equipment, spotlights and other special forms of lighting may be used to attract attention or emphasize special features.
  2. Exhibit should tell a single story, correctly and completely at a glance.  Pictures, paintings, drawings and signs help.
  3. Exhibit should be simple, but artistic.  The background, when not a part of the exhibit, should be a light, soft shade of a neutral color, such as ivory, cream, gray, tan or green.
  4. The products shown and the workmanship should be of top quality.  Lettering should be large and clear.  Every word should be easily readable from a distance of 10 feet.  The Grange making the exhibit may use its own talent or hire sign painting done at its expense.

 Judging Criteria

Educational Value                                                          35 Points
Portrayal of Theme                                                        25 Points
Originality                                                                      20 Points
Arrangement                                                                  10 Points
Attractiveness & Workmanship                                      10 Points
Total                                                                            100 Points


Based on the above score card, awards will be made for the Subordinate
and Pomona exhibits as follows:

  1-  60 Points                                                         $1.00 per point
61-  85 Points                                                         $1.25 per point
86-100 Points                                                         $1.50 per point

Junior Granges shall receive $45.00, $40.00, and $35.00 respectively for
First, Second, and Third place.

Appropriate Ribbons will be provided for all exhibits.


Booth Information

All display areas are 45" deep with 69" of vertical backboard space.  The front  
lip is 36" from the floor and there is about a 4" slant from the back of the
booth to the front.  There is 44" of floor space between the fence and
the front of the display area.  Subordinate and Pomona areas are 95+/-" wide
and the Junior areas are 60" wide.


SR 143   Coeymans Hollow New York, 12046
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